BSB Number for WBC Bank (Westpac Banking Corporation) Hamilton Island in Hamilton Island QLD is 034-202. Find Address, Contact Numbers, BSB Codes


Bank: Westpac Banking Corporation (WBC Bank)

Bank Branch: Hamilton Island

BSB Number: 034-202

Address: Shop 3 Resort Centre

City: Hamilton Island

State: QLD, Australia

Post Code: 4803

Phone Number: 132 032 , Intl: +61 2 9293 9270

Payment Types: PEH (P:Paper, E:Electronic, H:High Value)

A Bank-State-Branch Number (abbreviated as "BSB" Number) is used in Australia for a bank code, which is a branch identifier. BSB number is used as an identifier consisting of a six digit numerical code that identifies an individual branch of an Australian financial institution. The BSB number is normally used in association with the bank account number.

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